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How it work

Informations & details

The memory of irreplaceable moments

Children grow up too fast! Their beauty, humour and personality amaze us every day in their growth.
The desire of every parent is to not miss any of those moments and being able to capture every single moment, unique and unrepeatable, forever.
A photographic family session is an original and different way that allows parents to spend pleasant and carefree moments with their children. At home or in a nice location you will get quality photographs shoot by a professional who can capture the magic of those moments and the joy and beauty of your children.
A photographic print or a photo album, created by an expert, are realised to be eternal and to ensure that unique and unrepeatable moments do not disappear over time. Memories are the real treasures that nourish our hearts.

My style

I’m a happy and energetic person, I like to listen and relate with adults and children. In over 30 years of work as photographer I have developed a way of working which is very natural and direct. I do not like unnatural poses and forcing people to maintaining them.
I like to involve and be involved in new and different projects.
I like to tell tales with the collaboration of children and let them guide me through their characters. Children and adults’ photo shoot should be a fun experience where the photographs will come naturally.
I’m Italian, I grew up near the border and therefore always attentive and curious about everything that is new and different.
Shooting portrait photographs is an amazing way for me to learn, to travel, meet, play and it amazes me every time. I photograph children but often I realize I’m the real child who sees through the camera an amazing world that gives me great emotions.
Children are the true travellers and explorers who know no boundaries of space, time and imagination.


I am a London based photographer, but I am happy to travel to other destinations throughout the UK and Europe.
I have been living in London for not long and I am fascinated by the city, the beautiful Royal Parks, from striking to iconic areas, stunningly beautiful streets and incredible architecture.
I love the light and the colours of the UK.
I love to discover and stroll every day into new areas and find the beauty everywhere. The surrounding area of London and the English countryside are always beautiful, even on days when there is no sun.
Coming from the sunny country for excellence I learned to appreciate and to be fascinated by the delicate colours and the drizzle.
However, your location suggestions are welcomed.

Your house

I like to put at ease people that I photograph. The houses are the soul of those who live in them. An adult photographed in their home tells much of himself as their interests and their tastes and often feels happy and satisfied.
Children or bigger children in their rooms have their own world they love and they fell confortable around it.
Young children in their home feel protected and safe, they are more courageous and open up more.
This is why I have chosen to photograph at home and not in a strange and impersonal place like a photographic studio. For me it is more difficult to shoot in a private location but the results are different and for the moment I prefer to work in this way.
At home I will carry equipment designed to be unobtrusive and to cause any kind of damage, typically a photo shoot lasts from one to three hours at most.


Personally I find that working with newborns or babies with less than 6 months it is an extremely delicate task.
I do not want to see infants handled by people who do not have the most extensive experience and expertise.
I do not like to force children into poses while they are sleeping and handle them as if they are objects. Children must be respected and protected.
In my team I collaborate with a photographer with whom I am in great harmony and she shares my way of working, she will deal with the photograph of Newborns. She will be the only one to touch the child and find the best pose; I will follow the work as an Art Director and often also shoot photographs.
This approach to Newborns photography is aimed to ensure the best possible professionalism and the utmost respect for your children.


Many mothers are appropriately concerned about the safety of their children and often ask me if the flash can be dangerous for their children and especially for Newborns.
In general, flash of high quality does not emit radiation superior to those of daylight and therefore it is absolutely not dangerous, not more than a day trip to the countryside.
My staff and I only use high quality flash powerful enough to allow us to work with the most distant lights possible by children.
The lights are never pointed directly into the children’s eyes except with special diffusion filters; this is done only to avoid troubling the child.
Generally photographers who argue that the flash studio lights are dangerous are those who cannot afford expensive equipment and do not have the required competence and experience.

Children during the photo shooting

Many moms are concerned that during the photo shoot children misbehave and the service will becomes a nightmare. The great thing about my style of photography is that it takes place outside or in your home. In doing so your children won’t feel the pressure of a study and of an unknown place and they will be free to run and to express themselves in a familiar environment.
I photographed a large number of children and learned that with them you just need to be patient and I have a lot of patience. Generally when they do not want to be photographed or misbehave it is better to not insist and let them be.
In my photo sessions I always budget in the extra time so I can take all the time needed to photograph them with the utmost respect of their rhythm and time.

Make Up Artist

In shooting portraits with older girls, teenagers and women I can offer a service with my trusted MakeUp Artist. She will apply a very light make-up using only tested and quality products.
After each session the brushes, sponges and the material that was in contact with your face will be cleaned with antibacterial products to ensure the greatest possible hygiene.
The MakeUp artist is a service I proposed and you are under no obligation to purchase the service, but I highly recommend it when shooting teenagers portraits and women of all ages to obtain the best result possible.
I also collaborate with some really talented Hair Stylists who can complete your hairstyles from their hair studio or at your home.

How many photographs

With children it is difficult to know how many pictures I will be shooting. There are children who are at ease in front of the lens and others a little bit more shy and introverted with which it will takes few more shots. Typically a service is composed of 20 to 40 selected images that can rise in number if the children are more than one or if it is family photo shoot.
The photographs will be selected by me from those taken during the photo shoot, they will be retouched and then published in a gallery reserved for you from which you will be able to choose the ones you like best.

Black and white

Personally I adore black and white, it is pure poetry and the images are timeless. To achieve quality photographs in black and white it is necessary to plan it by making precise technical choices, this is absolutely not a problem, we will only need to discuss this in advance. You can also choose to create a photo shoot in both colour and black and white, we just need to get organize it in advance.

Duration and scheduling

The duration of my photo sessions usually varies from 2 to 4 hours. With small children it is necessary to see their level of energy and the time required to make them feel comfortable. I also recommend photographing them at your home or in a couple of accessible locations without having to walk for long distances.
With older children, we can organize a more structured session in 2 or 3 different locations provided relatively close together – your suggestions of London Sights to be incorporated in the final photos are always welcomed.
For portraits of adults or couples the photo session has a variable length of 2 to 4 hours.

  • Photo session. Typically, when I can, I try to organize the photo shoot in the early hours of the day to avoid the crowds always present in London. In the Royal Parks the kids can relax and play without being disturbed by other children and the pictures will not have too many extras in the background. Normally all my sessions start at 8.30am, but if needed we can meet even earlier in order to avoid crowds and to take advantage of the best light. If we cannot organize the early morning we can schedule the shooting to your convenience.
  • When and how. I am available weekdays and weekends for no extra cost once we agree on a session date and time. When booking the photo shoot I will ask you as a confirmation the full payment of the photo session. Afterwards, you will be able to order your products by choosing them from your private photo gallery. Payment for the products will be done in advance but only after you have chosen them from the gallery and consequently after the photo shoot.
  • Can I move my appointment if my child is ill? Yes of course. I understand that it’s hard to capture beautiful smiles if the children are not enjoying the process. If your child is ill just call or email me and I will find you a new date for your session, however, once the session has begun, there will be a £150 charge to reschedule.
  • What happens if it rains? We all know how hard it is to predict the London weather. I can still work in the snow, drizzle and even the cold. Overcast days are fine and actually much better than full on sun.  In case of heavy rain on the morning of our shoot, we can reschedule for another date depending on your availability.

Final Products

  • The final digital images are fully edited and provided as high-resolution JPG files.
  • All Fine Art prints are printed using the very best in photo imaging equipment and the finest in archival fine art papers – combining for simply stunning images.
  • My albums are printed in Italy from Graphistudio, global leader in printing quality albums. The products are customised and entirely handmade with the best materials and the best printing technologies. Please contact me for details and for full pricing list via the contact page.

Will I be put under pressure to spend a fortune after the shoot?

No. My prices are extremely transparent and presented in a simple and understandable way, but we are always ready to provide all necessary clarification if you need it.
I offer professionalism and experience matured in over 30 years of work.
I chose to publish your photographs in a private gallery so you will be able to access it yourself at home in order to leave you free to choose the products you want without me and consequently without any kind of pressure.
However, it is important that you be sure to have an appropriate budget to buy the products from your gallery, there is nothing uglier than seeing the beautiful pictures of your family and not to be able to buy. For a personalized photo session with me I recommend you have a minimum budget of about £ 800 (including session fee and products) to ensure that you can purchase something lovely to hang on your wall, an album/digital files and some gift prints. Most clients I work with spend between £800-£2500 in total on their family photography experience.

If you would love to have a shoot with me but would just like to have a few prints and digital images, then a mini session would be good for you. They start from £300 for a 20/40 min session including 4 gift prints and 4 digital images in low resolution.

Sign up to my mailing list at the bottom of the page (where it says “special shootings”) to ensure that you are one of the first to hear about new special session dates.


Under the copyright and patents act of 1988, Rob Venom photographer (Kids Photo London) retains the copyright of all images taken. It is a criminal offence to copy, screen grab, scan or reproduce photographs without written consent by Rob Venom photographer.

Once you have purchased digital files you are granted a licence to use your images for personal use. Your purchased files can then be used for sharing with your friends and family on social media sites, for updating model or acting portfolios, and printing out for yourself, family and friends.
These images are not to be sold or given to any third parties without prior consent. If the images are used for any commercial purposes, then a further fee will be negotiated and paid to Rob Venom photographer (Kids Photo London).

Images that are purchased as digital files are not to be altered in any way that change the integrity of the image without prior consent.