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for kids

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To the joy of living again our childhood, the stories we heard we were growing up, a fantasy story created by your children or simply the memory of a day told by your wonderful child. The happiness and the excitement of a memory destined to be remembered for ever. Rob learnt to engage children in the game of photography by honoring their stages, turning the photo shooting into a game.
Children are not obliged to stay still in a pose, they are free to play, to relate to the environment and dictate the times of the photo shooting.

Children’s naturalness and spontaneity are one of Rob greatest inspirational sources. Children are beautiful exactly because they are children and it is not necessary for them to strike a pose or force them to smile.
The stories created by Rob are developed thinking about the personality of your children, the location you will choose and the clothing they will wear.
Each story is unique and unrepeatable, but if you particularly like any of the ones I have made in the past or you want similar services, no problem, I will create a unique story customised for you.
It will be your story. Luxurious and exclusive.