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Kids Photo London School

Welcome to Kids Photo London School Photography and thank you for visiting us.

If your child has been photographed by us at his school and you wish to order a print or file:

  • Contact us to preview the files. On the files there is an identification code that you need to state to order photos.
  • We will send you the sample file by e-mail and a link where you can order in an easy and quick way and where you can find the payment instructions.

If you’re visiting us to have more information about Kids Photo London School, then please read on.
Kids Photo London School is a small independent school photography company set up in 2016 in Italy.

Rob is a professional photographer who has been working in portraits and kids photography for almost 30 years.

Marianna is a very passionate young photographer and mother.

The simple, straightforward way of working of Kids Photo London is based on encouraging children to play and being involved.
We love spontaneity and naturalness in portraits and we do not like posing children.

Rob’s 30-year experience is essential to ensure quality and speed.

Kids Photo London will donate a percentage of their profits to your school.

We also make a donation to a children’s-based charity for every school we work with.

Although we love selling prints, purchasing a digital file is the most cost-effective and flexible option.

  • Get your photo straight away
  • Print as many copies as you like.
  • Print canvases, t-shirts, pretty much any printed medium is available
  • The file can be used as a screen saver for your home computer, mobile phone or tablet
  • You can share your photos via email with friends & family at home and abroad

All our individual and sibling portraits are available as digital downloads for £20.
Please note: our class photos are not available as a digital download.

Products & Prices

Prints & Digital Files

All our prints are printed on Fine Art HD by Graphistudio© Made in Italy.

On all our prints, additional orders of the same sized photograph are 25% discount.

Our individual and sibling portraits are available in 3 print sizes with an optional white coloured mount.
Our panoramic class photos are available in 2 print sizes.

Unmounted prints

5″ x 7″        £ 6
7″ x 10″     £ 7.5
8″ x 12″     £ 9.90

Mounted prints

5″ x 7″        £ 8.5
7″ x 10″     £ 10
8″ x 12″     £ 12.5

Panoramic prints

5″ x 15″     £ 12
8″ x 24″     £ 20

Information for school

We aim to minimise as much as possible any inconvenience on the photo shoot day. We usually take 30 minutes to photograph a class. Older children require less time for a photo shoots compared to the youngest who need a little more patience and some extra smile. In order to speed our work flow, we usually ask for help from a school staff member who knows the location, timing and habits.

All our orders are available online, so that we are sure to guarantee the best service without any missing order and in the quickest way.

You can always contact us by phone or email and we always take care of all the requests of our clients.

A few things that we need:

  • A timetable for the day so the teachers can organise their lessons accordingly.
  • A member of staff on hand to help.
  • An area large enough to fit in our mobile studio and a location with a power socket.
  • We will always pay you a visit in advance to confirm the shoot location and plan out a timetable.

Experience shows this is the best way to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Kids Photo London School